My Journey


Jan.2011 – I find myself back in the Northwest Territories up near the Beaufort Sea, in a place called Inuvik, well at least that’s where my plane landed. But I’m up the river, traveled here by way of an ice road up the MacKenzie river to the wellness camp the Gwich’in Tribal Council built, so the people from this area can come here and retreat from their everyday lives and experience the different programs offered here for personal expansion, healing and change. I’m here this week facilitating a workshop called “Taking Back Your Power”. It’s helpful to notice how we are giving our power away and helpful to be honest with self that we are doing that. We all do it from time to time, some perhaps less than others, but non the less one may find themselves in a negative feeling place which is the sign that you are giving your power away to something outside of self. For within is where your power lies. Within in each of us lies the power of love, love for self without condition, when we are on this path of love, life looks so very different from when we are looking at our world from a place of fear. In this workshop we will explore ways to stay focused on the path of love, the vibration that can take us as individuals to places we didn’t think possible when we are thinking in the vibration of fear. Reminding self when my thoughts are based in love then my path is filled with abundance on every level. More love, more physical well-being, more spiritual expansion, and emotional freedom. We will explore ideas and ways to stay focused on the path of love and to believe in and love  self and the Power within.

It’s quiet out here in the bush, where the river and trees speak of the abundance in the Universe. I look out and the Divine is saying there is abundance, there is love, look on it, and beleave it. The sun sets with its magnificence on the horizon, the skinny trees becoming black silhouettes against the back drop of colors only the Creator can provide. It’s cold up here the winters are long and summers short, the trees don’t grow very big, not like BC where it’s much warmer and not as severe temperatures. It’s all beautiful in its own way, every place I travel I witness the beauty of Mother Earth and all the she provides. I look forward to my stay here, we will be here for a  week.

Look on love today, pay attention to how much gratitude you have for all that is around you, see the beauty in it all and your day will be amazing.

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