My Journey


We will notice a sense of emotional freedom when we are letting all of life in, without judgment, without labels, 
embracing all of it, not clutching at what is no longer ours nor pushing away what is, then we truly are free.For 
when we are doing this we have finally let go of our emotional attachment to our rightness and our emotional 
attachment to outcome.We are allowing what is to just be and what ever we invest in there is no hanging on to what 
we believe we deserve because we have invested in it. It's our personal investment in anything that we often believe
gives us entitlement to will be situational, this attachment. There can be deep disappointment, anger
and resentment when we allow ourselves to be so emotionally attached to what we think is right and what we deserve. 
It can be helpful to our emotional well being to let go of the language of deserve and blame when we don't get back 
what we want. When I can remember to just give without any hidden agenda, just give with love and let go...then I am
free of what may be the outcome of what I have given. When we give from a vibration of love without condition then
we set ourselves free. 

One response

  1. I feel blessed to be your friend. Your words of wisdom inspire me daily and are a constant reminder how to live life. I choose to be happy, I release the past and using my mind and all my emotions to create what I do want, instead of dwelling on what I don’t want. You are a healer in many ways and for so many people. You are my inspiration for everything that is divine. I love you with all my heart.

    October 30, 2012 at 5:23 am

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